Scary face balloon Halloween Animated Overlay-Square

If you are organizing Halloween event, then this would be a great choice as this Scary face Balloons for your Halloween Parties or events.
It can be used for Print overlay, gif or boomerang and it can be used in 360 videos.



Files:16 PNG files

Resolution: 1600×1600, 1072×1072

Delivery Period: Instant

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This overlay can be also given in .MOV format. 720p resolution version is also available, please contact us at

Any text editing in this overlay will cost you $5 extra(Product price + $5).

Supported Booths:-

Snappic, Curator pixbooth, Darkroom, Breeze booth, Photo Party Upload, Mirror Me – Fotomaster and supported software.

If you need any changes then contact us at :-

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