Prom Night Start Screen - Portrait / Mirror Attract Screen

Lights, camera, prom! Ready to pull off the best Prom ever?
Why not, we have this extra-ordinary Prom Start Screen design for your mirror and photo booth.
Mirror booth Prom Screen created with a necessary details featuring Confetti all over the screen using prom elements – Bow tie, Graduation hat and the stylish Gold text written beautifully with highlighting “Night” in white color that makes the start screen stunning.



SKU ID:  SR 164

Format: .mp4

Length: 15 seconds

Resolution: 1080×1920

Delivery Period: Instant

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Supported Booths:-

Dslrbooth, Mirror Me – Fotomaster, Darkroom for Mirrorbooth, Socialbooth , Sparkbooth, Breezebooth, PBUK and supported software.


If you need different resolution screen or any matching assets like overlays, graphic templates, buttons or any changes, feel free to contact us at

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